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As a result of the recent terrorist events in the United States and the stranded passengers in Halifax, the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club was called into action last evening. Five of us departed Bridgewater approximately 1730 hrs to travel to wherever we were required in HRM. We were dispatched to the various locations where stranded passengers were put up until their flights could depart from Halifax International Airport.

George (VE1GAM) and Barry (VE1DO) were operating from Exhibition park where approximately 2000 people were lodged. VE1ZT Ralph was at the the Sackville Sports Stadium VE1AUZ Martin was at Sackville Leisure Centre VE1CYP Al was at C.P. Allen High School where about 1000 pasengers were located.

VE1DHD Howard and VE1TA Tom spent time operating at the EOC in Dartmouth as well.

We offered communications to and from the EOC when required and had the opportunity to help and talk with many of the stranded passengers from all over the world.

These sites were shut down approximately 0600 hrs today when airlines again began taking to the skies and we were allowed to return home.

A very sad but rewarding experience as we put our training into practice.

Al Cyples VE1CYP

President LCARC