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Held January 14, 2000 at the MARC at 3030 h, immediately following the monthly meeting.

The President, VE1CYP chaired the meeting. Twenty members were present.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously that the reading of the minutes of the Club's last annual meeting be waived. Motion carried.

The Secretary reported there was no correspondence.

The treasurer, VE1GAM, presented a detailed report, a copy of which is appended to these minutes. The same was approved on motion.

It was agreed that VE1TA was appointed to audit the financial statement.

The report of the nominating committee, VE1EAR was delivered:

Secretary - VE1DST

Treasurer - VE1GAM

Vice President - VE1PDO

President - VE1CYP

All were elected by acclamation. The secretary, treasurer and president noted, prior to nominations closing, that each of them would gladly allow other club members to take the job. VE1EAR indicated that next year, others should consider offering for the executive.


The president gave his report. A full copy is posted on the web site. He noted is was his fourth year as president. The club is a success, with 70 members. The fact that we have a nightly net shows the club is alive and well. Many activities highlighted the year 2000 - the Canoe Race. workshops at VE1EAR's, Down East Flea Market, the Salmon Supper, Greenwood Flea Market, Selling tickets at Gows, the Xmas dinner. Thanks to VE1EAR/VE1PGM for organizing the Salmon Supper. To VE1GAM for organizing JOTA, VE1PLV and VE1AUZ for organizing Field Day, and all else who helped during the year.

The thanked the technical committee for their help. There is good coverage in the county with the repeaters.

The president indicated we need a Public Relations person. He/she would make sure that club activities are reported to the press, so that the public is aware of the activities we assist with and increase awareness.

He would like to have help with the club newsletter, which should go out four times a year.

The President thanked VE1PLV for his help with the IPARN network.

He hoped we would continue with EMO training.

The President suggested that we consider varying the meeting times/dates and places in 2001 -breakfasts, and others to see what members prefer.

He thanked the executive and all members of the club for their support.

The President thanked VE1PAL for designing and maintaining the web site in 2001 -


Members thanked the executive for their leadership in 2000.


There was no old business.


It was moved that the February 2001 meeting be a breakfast meeting, likely on the 10th, at a location to be decided by the executive and announced on the nightly net. Motion carried,

The 50/50 draw was won by at VE1TA $16.50.

There being no further business, upon motion the meeting adjourned at 2100 h.

Don Taylor, secretary VE1DST