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Held April 8, 2001 at the MARC, Dayspring, N. S. at 1900 h.

The President, VE1CYP, called the meeting to order at Fifteen members were present.

The minutes of the Club’s last meeting on February 10, 2001 were approved as circulated.

The secretary reported that there was a letter from the CNIB asking for a donation to assist amateurs who were visually challenged. The question had been raised previously as to whether any on the monies are expended in Nova Scotia. The secretary was asked to investigate this and report at a further meeting.


The treasurer, VE1GAM gave the financial report. There was $2019.78 in the General Account, $145.55 in the Repeater Account and $575.54 in the Ways and Means Account, for a total of $2740.87. The Treasurer indicated the assets owned by the Club were on the books at $6723.17. Upon motion, the treasurer’s report was adopted.

There were no bills presented for payment.


VE1MBC reported all was well. It is his turn on the net this week. The schedule is on the reverse of the handout given at the meeting.


In the absence of VE1TA, there was no technical report. The President noted that the 147.090 repeater has a temporary unit now.


In the absence of VE1TA, there was no technical report


VE1AUZ reported that classes were suspended now. Any person wishing CW practice should contact him and he would be delighted to assist.


VE1AUZ reported that VE1PLV wanted to take some time off from organizing the same and he, VE1AUZ, would be pleased to do so. It is June 24/25th, 2001 and will be held at the Scout Camp. Queens County amateurs are going to attend and assist.




It was noted the Halifax Flea market will be held at the Forum on June 2, 2001.

On motion is was resolved that the Club purchase a trunk track scanner to raffle.

The President reported he is working on a guest for the May meeting. He indicated that members having ideas for guest speakers should contact him.

VE1ZT reported that he and VE1AUZ and a number of other amateurs were experimenting with Slow Scan Television (SSTV). They had done so on HF and were trying the same on VHF.

On motion made, it was resolved that Slow Scan Television and other experimental digital modes be permitted, using the 147.330 repeater after the nightly net and to 4:00am the following day. Users are to break for traffic (voice emergency or routine traffic) after a picture is sent. Net controllers can announce this after the net is over.

The President noted that no action was taken on new call signs for new repeater sites in the County until the Club could discuss the need for additional repeaters.

Any member having goods for the Swap Shop should contact VE1CYP. It is held each Wednesday and the items are also on the web page.

The President reported that member Bruce McKone, VE1VCJ, was headed to hospital this week for a serious operation. All members wish him well and a speedy recovery.

The 50/50 draw was won by VE1SUN at $11.00.

There being no further business, upon motion the meeting adjourned at 2000 h.

Don Taylor, secretary VE1DST