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Minutes of the Meeting of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club held at the MARC, at 1900h on February 13, 2000, with 9 members present.

The president, VE1CYP, occupied the chair.

Upon motion, the reading of the minutes of the January, 2000 monthly meeting were approved as read.

The treasurer, VE1GAM, gave his report monthly report. There was no change in the accounts as reported last month, with total assets remaining at $6749.81. Upon motion , the treasurer's report was approved. There were no bills presented for payment.

The treasurer, VE1GAM, then gave his annual report for 1999. Copies of the same were distributed to members present and a copy is attached to the secretary's copy of these minutes.

It was agreed that VE1TA will act as auditor for the review of this report and will report at a future meeting. The treasurer will send a copy of the balance sheet to the Registry of Joint Stock Companies. It was also agreed that the president will give a list of the club assets to VE1EAR, who will review the list of club assets and update the same and return it to the president and who will then give a copy to the treasurer. This list will include the present value of all equipment, as is known.


The Basic Course

VE1GAM reported that 12 persons were actually taking the course, for a net income of $340.00. Many of our members are participating in the teaching and are attending to add their knowledge.

Net Committee

In the absence of VE1MBC, there was no Net report.


VE1TA reported that he attended at the 147.090 repeater today and looked for the glitch causing the signal to intermittently drop out, but did not find the cause. All is well with the 147.330 repeater. The auto patch is ready to install in the spring. He reported that the 146.940 repeater was linked to the internet, like IPARN. The IPARN link itself needs a cable and is not functioning.

NSARA Report

VE1TA reported that there was no meeting in January, due to the weather. There will likely be a meeting in March. They are negotiating that any equipment to be moved will go to sites having generators - they will be on the new trunk system. NSARA has advised the government that amateurs will need lots of lead time to move equipment. They are awaiting confirmation from the government of the timetable. Brian Gilbert at DNR is the local co-ordinator for this. NSARA will handle all amateur requests for access to the government grid sites.

LCARC Web Site

VE1PAL reported that the club web site up and running and all members had been e-mailed with its location.


VE1PLV and VE1AUZ once again agreed to co-ordinate Field Day2000. VE1PLV suggested we go with one hf radio and one 2 meter radio. Likely we will not operate all night, unless operators advise him beforehand they want to do so. We will go with a list of operators and all are asked to sign up in advance. We will book the Scout camp, but will also consider the destroyer Fraser as a venue. We will seek the opnion of the members via the net and otherwise. We will decide this next meeting.


Upon motion, duly made and seconded, it was resolved that the Club purchase one and if thought needed, up to two rolls of 213 co-ax.

VE1TA will investigate the price of PL-258 connectors that we could obtain to sell at the May Flea Market.

The March meeting will not be at the regular time or place. The president will announce the same later. [it is now set for the Fireman's Breakfast, March 18 as per notices sent around].

The president will arrange for the amateur radio display in the mall.

In the absence of VE1MBC, there was no 50/50 draw.

Upon motion, the meeting adjourned at 1930h.


VE1DST, secretary