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Minutes of the Meeting of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club held at the MARC, at 1900h on January 9, 2000, with 13 members present.

The president, VE1CYP, occupied the chair.

Upon motion, the reading of the minutes of the November and December, 1999 monthly meetings were approved as read.

The treasurer, VE1GAM,gave his report. The final picture for the Christmas dinner will be reported at the February, 2000 meeting. There was little change in the club's financial picture, with the general account at $333.28, the repeater account at $787.57 and the ways and means account at $2371.90. Assets are at $6749.81. Upon motion , the treasurer's report was approved.

There were no bills presented for payment.


The Basic Course

VE1GAM reported that 14 persons had agreed to take the course, which is to start this Thursday. As only two persons had expressed interest at $95.00, the committee had decided to reduce the dues to $50.00. This amount would cover expenses and provide each person with a one year membership in the club. Upon motion it was agreed that the fee for the basic course be set at $50.00. Motion carried.

Net Committee

VE1MBC reported the nightly net was going well, but that more persons for net control are always welcome, as are spares.


In the absence of VE1AAU and VE1TA, a report was deferred. VE1TA is aware of the minor problem being experienced on the 147.090 repeater.

Christmas Dinner

The President reported that this event was a great success. He thanked all that helped with the event and all that attended to support the same.

NSARA Report

In the absence of our NSARA representative, VE1TA, this was deferred to next meeting.

LCARC Web Site

VE1PAL reported that the club web site was ready to be put into service. He needs only to contact VE1TA for the access password. He will send a notice by email to members once it is up. The club minutes and other notices will be posted on the same.


The secretary is to write the CNIB, Nova Scotia Branch as set out in the monthly minutes of November, 1999.

In answer to a question from a member, the President reported that the municipal EMO equipment was now located at the MARC site, having recently been moved there again.


It was moved that the secretary contact the Boy Scouts and book the camp at Mush-a-Mush for Field Day, 2000, being June 25-26th.

The president thanked VE1AUZ for preparing the QSL cards for the special event on the destroyer Fraser.

The 50/50 draw at $10.00 was won by VE1JFA.

Upon motion, the meeting adjourned at 1940h.


VE1DST, secretary