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Held January 14, 2000 at the MARC at 1900 h.

The President, VE1CYP chaired the meeting. Twenty members were present.

The minutes of the Club's last meeting on November 12, 2000 were read and upon motion were approved.

The secretary reported that there was no correspondence.


The treasurer, VE1GAM gave the financial report. At year end, there was $1639.92 in the General Account, $145.55 in the Repeater Account and $512.79 in the Ways and Means Account, for a total of 2297.66. The Treasurer also detailed the assets owned by the Club of $6723.17, for a total of $9020.83. Upon motion, the treasurer's report was adopted.

There were no bills presented for payment.


VE1MBC reported that all was progressing well, with 4 spares. A new schedule was handed out, showing the contact numbers for the spares. A copy can be had by email on request from the president.


VE1TA reported that the 147.090 repeater was experiencing interference which seemed to be coming from another radio at the site. He planned to get there in a short time and look into it.

Since the tower at Baker's Settlement appears to be remaining, he has applied to be able to locate a repeater there.

The repeater at 147.330 is working well.

He reported that the phone patch will not work at the Ground Search and Rescue site as there are too much equipment connected to the telephone line and the interconnect will not work. It could be relocated to a club member's home?

Tom spoke about the project to link all repeaters in the province, from Cape Breton to Yarmouth. Because of the long stretches to Yarmouth, with no towers, they are considering IRLP. This is Internet Radio Linking Project (, a means of bridging distance using the Internet linked to radio.


VE1TA, our NSARA representative, reported that the association has bid to reprogram 1900 radios which will be surplus when the new trunk system is fully operational. Volunteers will be needed to assist. There will be pay. The test equipment will be supplied and will be retained by NSARA when complete.

VE1TA also noted that the NSARA executive met in November and will meet again in February.


VE1AUZ reported that code classes are held at the home of VE1EAR/VE1PGM every Tuesday. There are also practice sessions on 147.090 and 147.330 at 2030 h. most evenings. Three persons are involved. VE1STR reminded those taking the practice that they would have to practice more than once a week to pass.

VE1STR reported that the Morse Code class had covered the alphabet and was going to start transmitting Code at. There is also the Tuesday evening practice at the MacKays..



The President reported that the Christmas Dinner was a success. He thanked all who assisted and attended. Special thanks to VE1TMN, Tyler, for the music.


The President reported that $311.00 was made on the Radio Shack 2067 Truck tracking Scanner. Thanks to an arrangement with the winner, the same has a home at VE1PDO's house.


Moved that the club give $50.00 to the Brit Fader Memorial QSL Bureau to help defray the cost of the QSL cards it handles for the club. Motion carried.


The secretary was asked to book Field Day, 2001 at the Boy Scout Camp.


It was moved that the executive be empowered to look into having the 2001 Christmas Dinner catered so as to allow all members and spouses the chance to enjoy the event.

There being no further business, upon motion the meeting adjourned at 2020 h.

Don Taylor, secretary