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Minutes of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club Meeting held 11th June 2000

The regular meeting of the LCARC was held at the MARC on the 11th June 2000 with 12 members present. Jeff, VE1JFA, filled in as Secretary.

The President, VE1CYP called the meeting to order at 1905 hours and welcomed all present to the meeting including four new members who were graduates of the Basic course: Avery, VA1ARE; Charlie, VE1JEN; Hector, VE1HFP; and Tyler, VE1TMN.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and corrections were made. It was moved by Jeff, VE1JFA and seconded by Max, VE1MBC that the minutes be approved as amended. Motion carried. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

Al, VE1CYP, announced that he had received a letter from Russ, VE1DIF and placed it on the table for members to read. Also on the table was a new radio, power supply and case that the club had bought as decided at the previous meeting.

The Treasurer, George, VE1GAM, reported revenue for the past month of $1,031.10 with expenditures of $1,031.50. The General Fund now stands at $1,568.22, the Repeater Fund at $787.57, and Ways and Means at $917.03 for a total of $3,272.82. Assets, including the new radio and power supply but reduced by adjustments for depreciation now stand at $6,313.17 bring the total to $9,585.99. It was moved by George and seconded by Nelson, VE1STR that the Treasurerís report be adopted. Motion carried. There were no bills for payment.

Following some discussions on depreciation of assets, Nelson, VE1STR, asked about Tedís Morse code key. Percy, VE1PLV, said that he is looking after it (itís an oscillator/key combination). Nelson asked if the club has plans to use it or whether it will be put up for sale. Al, VE1CYP, said that we can probably sell anything that we donít use regularly. George, VE1GAM said that there is also a Kenwood TR2500 hand-held. Following this, there was other discussion about Club assets and their value including a Cushcraft R7 antenna, a Ringo Ranger antenna and lengths of coax.

Committee Reports


Net Control Report: Max, VE1MBC, reported that all was going well but that more volunteers are needed.

Technical Report: Tom, VE1TA, was not present and so there was no technical report. Al said that Tom is very busy and also currently under the weather. He would, however, like Tom to look at the 147.195 repeater and will talk to him about it. Al also reported that Glen, VE1AAU, has looked at the malfunctioning 147.090 repeater and is fairly sure that it is a power supply problem. Al said that the 147.330 repeater is working fine but that the autopatch is not working yet.

NSARA Report: Tom not being present, there was no NSARA report. Percy, VE1PLV, said that there is an NSARA net on Thursday 15th June at 7 p.m.

Field Day: Percy, VE1PLV said that Field Day is in two weeks time. It will be held on the Fraser and everything is falling into place. In the next week, he and Phil, VE1PDO, will be trying antennas on the Fraser to see what works best. The call sign will be VE0NED which should attract a lot of contacts. Al, VE1CYP, said that he has talked to the Bulletin about an article. He will also get something to the Halifax Herald, to the local radio station, and to The Canadian Amateur magazine.

Avery, VA1ARE, asked if there was a schedule that people could add their names to. Percy said that there will be a schedule drawn up. People interested should contact Percy. We will be operating from 3:00 p.m. on Saturday to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. Setup will be 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. There is lots of parking available.

Nelson asked about the photographs of the Fraser. Did we thank Rick Hebb for them? Al will check. One of the photos is used on the Web site. Rickís name should be credited since we agreed to do that. Al will check.

Percy asked if we have cancelled the Scout Camp booking. Al thinks we did but will confirm with Don, VE1DST.

Flea Market: Al reported that the flea market went well. We made a $250 - $260 profit on the scanner which was won by Tom, VE1TA. We also made money on the coax sales. Percy said that we still have RG213 coax available at 60 cents per foot.

Steak and Salmon Supper: Al reported that the supper will be held at the Michelin Sports Centre on Sunday 27th August. Scott, VE1EAR, is lining up prizes.

Old Business


Basic Course


George, VE1GAM, congratulated the new members who had completed the course and obtained their licence. He said that we will likely hold code classes in the fall. Al thanked George for organising the course.

Bridgewater Elementary School


Al reported that the Club attended the Bridgewater Elementary School in May, using the new Club radio. We demonstrated simplex within the school and used the link system to talk to a ham in Maine, and the IPARN system to talk to a ham in Vancouver. Al showed to the meeting the new radio, power supply and case that was used.

New Business


Sale of Unused Club Assets


Nelson, VE1STR, moved that if, for any of the Club assets, we deem that the Club is not going to use them for Club purposes, they be sold off. The motion was seconded and discussion ensued. The motion was carried. George, VE1GAM, is to produce a list ready for field day.

Italy Cross Packet Node


Al said that Bill, VE1LMR, has asked whether anyone is still using the VE1ITX packet node at Italy Cross. It is an unmanned node for which Bill holds the licence. It was mentioned that Tom, VE1TAís BBS is on it. Nelson, VE1STR, suggested that we ask Bill what his plans are and whether it can be left if itís not in the way. Al will check with other Club members. Jeff, VE1JFA, said that he has Glen, VE1GKís, old packet radio that is available to anyone wishing to try packet.

Next Meeting


The July and August meetings are cancelled for the summer. The next meeting will be in September.

Other New Business


Al reported that we have not been asked to provide communications support at the bike race on Fathersí Day.

George, VE1GAM, reported that a ham, VE1KAE, used ham radio last week to get help after he was unable to get out of bed.

Avery, VA1ARE asked how one could obtain the repeater link codes. Al said that he is working on a revised list and will send a copy in email. The link codes on the Web site are not up to date. George, VE1GAM, gave Avery a copy of the present list.

There was no other new business.

50/50 Draw


Percy, VE1PLV, won the draw and was presented with $8.50.



It was moved by Nelson, VE1STR, and seconded by Percy, VE1PLV, that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried at 8:20 p.m.

VE1JFA, secretary pro-tem.