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The Minutes of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club held at the MARC in DaySpring, NS on June 10th, 2001 at 1900h with fourteen members present.

The minutes of the prior monthly meeting were approved as read, with several small amendments as noted on the same.

VE1GAM reported that in the General account there was $1785.07, $145.55 in the Repeater account and $1586.54 in he Ways and Means account, for a total of $3517.16. The fixed assets are valued at $6723.46.

The treasurer's report was adopted on motion made and duly passsed.

There were no bills for payment.



The presedent, VE1CYP, reported that the schedule was on the reverse of the agenda.


VE1TA reported that he was going to go tp the 147.330 repeater site to check on the repeater. He will announce this so that help can go with him. He proposed perhaps adding the .240 repeater (Greenwood) to our system. No motion was made. VE1TA indicated that he was looking at removing the .835 repeater from Springfeild and replacing it with the one owned by the Telephone Pioneers. It will may be possible in 2002 to put in a UHF hub to assist with amateurs further away from Halifax. He indicated that it may be possible that the .835 repeater could be placed at Baker's Settlement. Tom indicated that EMO had moved agian, this time to the Municuple Office on Aberdeen Road, Bridgewater. He will approach them about placing the phone patch there. He reported that the future of the .330 site is uncertain and the repeater may have to be moved to Sherwood or Wakeup Hill


VE1AUZ reported that amateurs from Queens County had been invited to participate and were coming. He indicated that information was on the ARRL web site. Setup would be as usual. Members are encourged to come.


Our representative, VE1TA, reported that the executive met at the Halifax Flea Market. The annual picnic is August 25th at Oakfield Park (Fall River Exit) in Halifax County. The NSARA web site has information on the contests. There are diffrent categories of home brew equipment. He reported that the number of amateurs looking for dedicated ham licence plates had increased. The NSARA contest was a success. He advised that the reclamation project for old radios used by the goverment prior to the tunk system is still in the works.


VE1GAM reported that that all the wire and cable and some scanner tickets on the draw were sold. The tickets are on a trunk tracking scanner and will be drawn November10, 2001.


Cycling for Children - the president reported that that Jim and his family were here on the long weekend in May and were greatly assisted by club members.

Tickets on the trunk track scanner are avalable at $2.00 or two for $5.00. See VE1GAM or VE1CYP.


2001 Call books are available for $8.00 each. See VE1GAM.

Steak and Salmon supper - VE1EAR and VE1PGM are working on this. Augest 26th is the like date. A letter will be sent to all clubs once a date is set.

XMAS Dinner - It was moved that the 2001 Xmas dinner be a catered one at the Wandalyn or other location to be chosen by the executive on a date in December, perhaps the 8th.

2002 Executive - the presedent pointed out that it was not too early to be thinking of the 2002 executive.

50/50 Draw - the draw was one by Ken Cook at $11.00.

It was moved, seconded and resolved that the club donate $200 to the CNIB program to assist amateurs who are visually chalenged.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2030h.

Don Taylor, VE1DST Secretary