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Minutes of Meeting of Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club

Held at the MARC, on May 7, 2000 at 1900 hours with sixteen members in attendance and one guest, Ken Zwicker.

The President, VE1CYP, called the meeting to order. The minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer, VE1GAM gave his report, with $1152.62 in the general account, $787.57 in the repeater account and 901.03 in the ways and means account. VE1EAR is working on a list of assets. Upon motion, the report was approved.

The President called for any bills for payment and none were presented.

Basic Course

VE1GAM reported that the Basis Course was going well and thanked all members who supported the same. May 16, 2000 is exam date for the students. The President thanked VE1GAM and all who assisted with the course.

Net Control

The net control schedule was handed out. VE1GA si net control this coming week. All is going pretty well. VE1MBC indicated that a few more persons would be welcome.

Technical Committee

VE1TA reported that they were building a spare repeater for the club in case or breakdowns. He will check with VE1CZC about the autopatch. He reported that 147.195 was not working and he has had no chance to check on it. VE1TA indicated that VE1AAU is working on the .090 repeater.


VE1TA, our NSARA rep. (and also the president of NSARA!) reported there was a meeting in March and the hamfest will be held, he thought, on August 21, 2000 at Amherst. The exact date is on the NSARA web site.

He advised that there is no cost to amateur radio to placed our repeaters at the new trunk radio sites. Amateurs will have to move their equipment. We will get new feed lines and antennas.

NSARA will meet next at the Flea Market on May 27th. All are welcome to attend. There is a VHF net planned for the entire province.

Field Day

VE1PLV reported that this will be held June 27-28, 2000, from 1500h. on Saturday to the same time on Sunday. They are looking to schedule operators, call him or VE1AUZ. The members of the Queens County Amateur Club were invited to attend.

Flea Market

The Flea Market will be held at Halifax, on May 27, 2000. It was agreed that we reserve a table. We will be selling tickets on a scanner and members may bring items they want to sell. Volunteers are needed to work the table. VE1PAL, VE1DST, VE1JFA, VE1CYP, VE1TA, VE1JFG, and VE1PDO volunteered to work a shift.

Old Business

The president reported that the club had assisted at the Canoe Race. Thanks to all who attended.

Mall Display

The president reported that this went well. Those who worked the same were thanked. Traffic was a little light, due to the good weather.

Beaver Group

Thanks to all who assisted VE1EYE with the Lunenburg Beaver Group in April.

New Business

It was moved that a fee of $15.00 be charged by the club to allow any person who did not take the Basic course to write the upcoming test. This will include membership in LCARC for 2000. Motion carried.

Power Supply

It was moved that the club expend up to $400.00 to purtchse a small power supply to be used in displays and the like. Motion carried.


The 50/50 draw was won by VE1DOG at $16.00.

The meeting adjourned at 2015h.