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Minutes of Meeting of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club

Minutes of Meeting of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club

Held at the MARC, Dayspring, ns on Sept 9th, 2001, at 1900h with fifteen members present.

The minutes of the June monthly meeting were approved as circulated with two minor corrections, motioned by VE1 PDO and seconded by VE1 DO.

There was no business arising from the previous minutes.

Correspondence from Don Taylor and the Greenwood ARC were read by VE1 PDO.

Treasurerís report was read by VE1 GAM and it was noted that the previous report was incorrect and the proper corrections were made. It was also noted that the club assets would be adjusted to show the acquisition of a BBQ by the club.VE1 GAM moved the adoption of the report and was seconded by VE1 CZC.

There were no bills presented for payment.

Committee Reports

Net Control

VE1 MBC stated that although a few nights were missed in the last month, everything was fine with the schedule. With the absence of VE1 SSS, a spot was now available and Max is looking for a replacement, who may call VE1 MBC directly for net control duty.

Technical Committee

With the absence of the technical committee chair, VE1 TA, The president elaborated on the new Motorola repeater which was purchased by the club from crown assetts and assembled by VE1 MR. The idea is to maintain access to the MTT cell sites and with a spare repeater, we will have a radio ready to install. Also, it can be used for a spare for any of our existing sites. VE1 AUZ requested we look into reestablishing a site at Bakers Settlement as this was an incredible site. VE1 CZC also requested we consider establishing a site that will cover the New Germany area. VE1 CZC will contact VE1TA to discuss the plans for the New Germany area.

Field Day

VE1 AUZ gave a report of field day saying all went well and better than last year. We had more than last years 662 points and although the standings are not in, Martin feels we cam in at least 7th.


No report as VE1 TA was absent.


VE1 AUZ was invited to attend the grand opening of the new Provincial EMO centre in Woodside. Martin stated that the concept and communication capability was basically the same as our own centre although the technology used in the new centre is superior to ours. There will be an upcoming 1 day course on the provincial EMO manual in November. Anyone who would like to attend, please see VE1 AUZ.. Marin also gave a report of the recent tabletop exercise that NSPC put on and thanked all who helped make our role a huge success. It was pointed pout, that with the retirement of VE1 LMR, Martin, VE1 AUZ has been appointed Communications Officer for EMO.

VE1 PLV pointed out that the IPARN system has been shut down due to a large operating cost increase. The new computer based IRLP system has replaced the IPARN system as the operating cost is minimal.



The next meeting of the LCARC will be held on Sunday, October 14 at 1900h at the MARC. Motion to adjourn by VE1 MBC, seconded by VE1 DSE.