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Minutes of Meeting of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club

Minutes of REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club.

Held at Community Room, SuperStore, Bridgewater NS on 16 September, 2002.

Meeting called to order by VE1CYP-AL at 1900 Hrs. with fifteen members in attendance.

Item of Business

1. Chairman Remarks: President VE1CYP-Al welcomed all members to the meeting and acknowledged presence of Don Wilson, Guest.

2. Minutes of Previous Regular Meeting: Secretary VE1JEN-Charlie read minutes of last Regular Monthly Meeting, held 19 June, 2002. Motioned by Secretary VE1JEN, seconded VE1AQK-Monty, minutes be approved as read. Carried.

3. Business arising from Minutes: President VE1CYP-Al reported sale of club's last call book. VE1CZC-John asked for information on proposed additional repeater installation in Bridgewater. VE1CYP-Al brought meeting up to date on proposed repeater. Installation is planned for Town of Bridgewater Communication Site. Repeater will be back up for VE1VL. Emergency use, with no linking system.

4.Correspondence: Secretary VE1JEN-Charlie had no correspondence to table.

5.Treasurer's Report: Treasure VE1GAM tabled Balance Sheet of club finances as of 15 September 2002. Balance of General Account $1,583.75; Repeater Account $145.55; Ways And Means $632.68. ScotiaBank Balance $2,361.98. Motioned Treasurer VE1GAM-George, seconded VA1ARE-Avery, report be accepted. Carried. VE1GAM-George gave notice, due to health problem; he would not stand for office of Treasurer in 2003. There were no bills presented for payment.

6.Committee Reports: