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Minutes of Meeting of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club



Minutes of REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club


Held at Superstore Community Room, Bridgewater NS on 26 March, 2003, at 1900 Hrs.


Executive Member Present                                                                   Executive Member Absent

VE1JEN President                                                                                                VE1ARE, Secretary

VE1CZC Treasurer                                                                                               VE1PDO, Vice-president

VE1CYP Past-president


Members Present

VE1CZC-John                       VE1JEN-Charlie                    VE1GAM-George                VE1TMN-Tyler

VE1CYP-Al                            VE1PAJ-James                     VE1ART-Arthur                   VE1TOM-Dave

VE1DGW-Don                      VE1MRG-Marg                  VE1MCA-Michael                VE1GAN-Al

VE1MBC-Max                       VE1PLV-Percy                      VE1DSG-Dave                     VE1AQK-Monty



Meeting called to order by VE1JEN-Charlie.                   17 members present.


Item of Business


1.                    Chairman Remarks: VE1JEN-Charlie welcomed members to meeting.


2.                    Minutes of Previous Regular Meeting: In the absence of Secretary VA1ARE-Avery, the minutes of last Regular Monthly Meeting, held on 26 February, 2003 were read by VE1JEN-Charlie. Motioned by VE1DGW-Don, seconded VE1PAJ-James minutes are approved as read. Carried.


3.                    Business arising from Minutes: VE1GAM-George advised that one of the frequencies being considered for the New Repeater is already assigned to the Queens County Radio Club. Members are of the opinion that this will handled by the NSARA and a suitable frequency will be allotted to LCARC.


4.                    Correspondence: There was no correspondence.



5.                    Treasurer's Report: Treasure VE1CZC-John tabled Balance Sheet of club finances, as of 25 March 2003. General account $3,521.91, Repeater account $145.55, Ways and Means account $657.18. Total Balance Royal Bank $4,324.64.  Motioned VE1CZC-John, seconded VE1CYP-Al, report be accepted. Carried.


VE1CYP-Al presented a bill for postage, in the amount $13.25, for payment.



5.                Committee Reports:


                Net Control

VE1MBC-Max reported all going well with Nightly Net. There is still a need for spare Controllers. VE1TMN-Tyler asked to be added to the spare list.





LCARC Minutes Regular Monthly Meeting

26 March, 2003                     PAGE TWO


Technical Committee

VE1TA-Tom absent. No report.



                VE1AUZ-Martin reported on the good turn out of members and the success of the NSARA                Contest held at the EMO Centre. All counties in Nova Scotia were worked on HF.



VE1TA-Tom absent. No report.


Swap Shop

VE1TMN-Tyler advised he will be revamping the Swap Shop listings. Old minutes of meetings, and members for sale/want items that are out of date will be removed. Tyler suggested that members use their @rac address when posting to bulletin board so as not fall victim of telemarketers spam mail. VE1PAJ-James, VE1CYP-Al, and VE1PLV-Percy will rotate “on-air” presentation of Swap Shop on Sunday evenings.



VE1DO-Barry absent. No report. It was suggested that JOTA be deferred to September meeting.


New Repeater Project

VE1CYP-Al reported that 30 of 60 day completion schedule have elapsed. Al will be conferring with VE1TA-Tom. It is still expected to have repeater operational as scheduled.


6.               Old Business:

VE1AUZ-Martin asked if selling price of antenna wire had been established. VE1CYP-Al will contact VE1PDO-Phil to find out purchase cost. Executive will then fix selling price to members.

VE1TMN-Tyler spoke on the success of the Basic Course and thanked all members who had provided instruction or had provided other assistance.

VE1CYP-Al informed members that VE1KS-Rob couldn’t make it to meeting. He will try to have Rob at our next meeting to make presentation on IRLP.


7.             New Business:

VE1AUZ-Martin has the Scout Camp booked for Field Day on 28 and 29 June. VE1CYP-Al asked if Martin would be able to chair Field Day Committee. Martin agreed. Other possible sites were discussed for Field Day. Agreement that Scout Camp will be the site for this year’s event. VE1AUZ-Martin presented information on Field Day activities for benefit of new    members.

Motion VE1PAJ-James, seconded VE1AQK-Monty, that a Special Event Committee be established to handle Field Day, JOTA, and other events. Carried.

VE1TMN-Tyler suggested club purchase a digital camera to be used by the Club to present items of interest on the Club Webpage. Discussion.

VE1CYP-Al has raffle tickets for base-station radio. Winning ticket will be drawn at the Halifax flea market in June. Members are asked to promote ticket sales.


8.              50/50 Draw:

Winner of draw was VE1TMN-Tyler.





LCARC Minutes Regular Monthly Meeting

26 March, 2003                     PAGE THREE



There being no other business or discussion. Motioned VE1GAM-George, seconded VE1AQK-Monty, meeting adjourn.

Meeting declared adjourned at 2031 Hrs.




Charles Jenkins, VE1JEN for


Avery R.Eldridge, VA1ARE