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Fellow Members of the Lunenburg County Amateur Radio Club:

As we move forward into the year 2001, I present you with my Annual Report as we complete the year 2000 – my 4th year as President of our Club.

Our Club continues to grow with several new members as a result of our Basic Course graduates earlier this year. Thanks to everyone that helped with that and our membership currently stands at 70 members. Several members live quite a distance away and some are only in the area seasonally but we have what I consider to be an excellent cross section of members who all do their part in one way or another to contribute to the success of our Club. Thanks to each and every one of you.

We have participated in many activities this year and I will highlight a few –

We continue to do communications each spring for the Petite Riviere Canoe Race. This day always gives me a lot of satisfaction since that event back in 1994 was my first Club event organized by the late Bob D’Arcy.

The weekly workshops at Scott and Pauline’s are drawing an enthusiastic crowd. I haven’t had much chance to attend this year but lots of you have.

Thanks to Scott and Pauline for hosting this.

The Down East Flea Market saw us selling tickets and coax. That day was successful and we had lots of fun and a good crew to help. We raised some funds too. Thanks to ham radio, I was able to take TH orders all the way from Exit 5 until I arrived in Bayer’s Lake! For the first time – we also went to the Greenwood Flea Market with our coax and a table selling tickets – our scanner draw started there. A good turnout by club members made that day a resounding success. Our scanner draw was also given a real boost with many club members selling a lot of tickets both on their own at at our day at Gow’s Home Hardware. A total of $ 311.17 was raised on the scanner draw with the winner being the ham that acquired it for us – VE1DIF Russ. It now has a good home right here in Lunenburg County.

We are fortunate to have excellent portable and mobile repeater coverage through many counties thanks to the efforts of our technical guys – with VE1TA Tom in particular. We have a new repeater with excellent audio and coverage just north of Springfield in Annapolis County or “South Central Nova Scotia”. We have an excellent site at Bezanson with linking abilities Canada Wide into IPARN and also through the various repeaters in Atlantic Canada. Our Hebbville site offers us excellent coverage into the county and beyond and despite the fact it’s had some “viruses” this year, it offers great coverage and it is the one most of us here in town use the most. Hopefully it will be back to normal soon. Thanks again to Tom and all those that have helped out. It means a lot to us all.

We have a nice roster of Net Controllers and a net virtually every night. The list of checkers seems to have dropped off over the last several years but a commendable effort on many people’s parts see us on the air at 2100 hrs each night. I think that speaks very well for the club.

The social events that we host are gaining steadily in popularity and receiving rave reviews! The Steak and Salmon supper is a fabulous event organized by Scott and Pauline. Scott has virtually become synonymous with this event and I always knew that Pauline did a phenomenal amount of preparation for the event but this became evident this year when I filled an entire GM Van – and yes that’s got SPACE – with baked goods and other dishes. Thanks to you both for all of this and all the positive comments I received from afar after the event belong to you and all to those who helped. Our Christmas Dinner is also an excellent social event and one we can be truly proud of. We have a great time and it all goes together so smoothly. I am appreciative that my employer continues to support this event. Thanks to all that helped with that too.

Field Day and JOTA are long standing events that require a lot of work and get us involved in Amateur Radio worldwide. Thanks to Martin and Percy for all their work on Field Day. Thanks to all that helped. Thanks to George, our long standing JOTA organizer. Another good event and lots of fun. Well done George.

I would like to see our Club with a dedicated Public Relations chairman. Many things that we do should be passed along to the media and/or kept in a scrapbook. The local newspaper has been very cooperative in publishing most everything that we pass along. We need to make the public more aware of who we are and what we do since I still have many people refer to our hobby as “that CB club”. Many people are not aware of just what we do – besides have a lot of fun! How many other local – or distant for that matter – Clubs can boast a membership of 70. Here in Lunenburg County, I’d say not more than maybe one or two.

I would like to see more people help out with a newsletter and maybe we could have a Winter, Spring and Fall issue. There are some things that seem to enhance a Club with a newsletter – some things that radio or internet can’t do.

Percy does a commendable job of keeping us in touch with the rest of the Maritimes and Canada with the IPARN net and also with special event ones such as Canada Day and New Year’s. That also keeps the rest of the country in touch with us too. I am always proud of the fact that we are so well known as I talk across the country. – and EVERYONE knows Percy. Well done!

I would like too see us continue on with our EMO and emergency training. You never know when we will be needed as was evidenced at Peggy’s Cove when some of us were there just a few short years ago.

I would like to see us continue with variations of our monthly meetings. The Fireman’s Breakfast is a great way to get together and also support the Fire Dept. I would like to see us with the occasional mid week supper meeting and also with the occasional guest speaker. Feel free to bring up any suggestions – or better still, help put it together at any time.

Every member has some strong point and something that they offer to our fine Club. I can go through the roster and prove it. Thanks for all that you do.

I had hoped this year that we would have some new people involved with the Executive. The current Executive has served you well and I hope that speaks for me too. Don, Phil and George are dedicated to you and have been very dedicated to me too. I thank them sincerely for that. As I complete my fourth year as President – I remain positive and enthused.

I would be pleased tonight to be turning over the reigns to a new President. It appears that I am not but I will continue to work hard to support the Club and be your President for another year. We continue to thrive and grow. It’s a great hobby – the BEST I think. Please do your best to keep us the best. Have a great year.

Al Cyples