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L.C.A.R.C Swap Shop

The swap Shop will be held every sunday night after the L.C.A.R.C 2m net on 147.090+ and 147.330+.

If you have anything to add to the swap shop, you can email:
Tyler VE1TMN
Just click on the to view a photo of the item.

  • I have a few new and used power supplies that are surplus to me here. Ranging from 5 volts and up.
  • These are freebies! I just hate to see good components go to waste! I have a wide assortment of semiconductors that were removed from scrapped circuit boards. Transistors, IC's, capacitors, etc. If anyone needs anything, gimmee a shout.
  • Looking for any unwanted tube radios, and/or tubes. Working or not, as long as it hasn't been through a fire and/or explosion. Ordinary AM table radios up to Boat Anchors. I'm also interested in printed matter regarding older tube gear. Books, ads, flyers, etc., copies and/or originals, be it about radios, or any accessories. I also have a supply of new and used vacuum tubes on hand that are surplus to my needs. If there's any types you might be in need of, gimmee a shout.

Call Bob, VE1ARN evenings @ 644-2517.

For sale:
  • Portable marine transceiver Radio Shack 19-8000, fm ,output 0.6 to 2 watts selectable ,charger and manual very good condition.
Contact Bob, VE1WLS @
For sale:
  • 2 C-Band Satellite Receivers W/ 2 Dishes & LNBs, and remote control for one receiver. Asking $200.00 O.B.O.
Contact Jim, VE1SFX at VE1SFX
Antennas for Sale
  • 10 - 3CD 10M 3 Element Mono Bander (Excellent Condition) - $175.00
  • 15 - 4CD 15M 4 Element Mono Bander, this antenna is the heavier model with a 20Ft. boom. (Good Condition)- $200.00
  • A4S 10 - 15 - 20M Tri Bander (Good Condition)- $400.00
  • A 744 40M Add-On for A4S - $100.00
  • A Package consisting of both the A4S and A-744 - $450.00
  • A3WS 17 - 12M Dual Band Reinforced to withstand the P.E.I. Winters (Good Condition) - $300.
  • 40 - 2CD 40M 2 Element Mono Bander with Upgrade kit to withstand 110MPH (175Km) with 3/4 Inch of Ice load. Now Called the XM-240 (Very Good Condition)- $600.00
  • The upgrade kit-$220.00
  • AV-80 - 80M Phased Verticals with Phasing Switch, Guy Ropes Wiring Harness and some Ground Radials (Good condition)- $550.

    HyGain :

  • 204BAS / 174BAS 20M or 17M 4 Element Mono Bander depending on Measurements used. With new Stainless Steel Hardware (Very Good Condition)- $300.00

    KLM / M2

  • KLM KT-34A 10 - 15 - 20M 4 Element Tri Bander(Good Condition)- $400.
  • CONTACT : VY2RU, Ken McCormick, Tel : 902-886-2280 E-Mail :
For Sale:
  • 40' tower and rotor with a 20m beam. Ready to trasnport. 150 Kcs. Contact Bob, VE1RST at
  • Kenwood TS 140s Transceiver with power supply PS430. Automatic antenna tuner AT 250. $600.00 (negotiable).
  • Contact Max VE1MBC @ 543-8220